Paula's Professional Dog Grooming
We Treat Your Pets Like Royalty!

Professional Dog & Pet Grooming Service in North Pole, AK

Our pets provide us unconditional love and comfort. When you want to reciprocate that love and care to provide a full day of relaxation and pampering to your fur-baby, come visit us at Paula's Professional Dog Grooming in North Pole, AK. As a premier source for pet services in the North Pole and surrounding areas, we understand the importance that your pet holds in your life and will treat them with as much respect as we would our own pets.

We are all pet lovers who provide a range of services to keep your pets happy and healthy. Each member of our staff  is fully trained and qualified to work with all sizes and breeds of dogs and other pets. That way, you won’t have to worry when you bring your pet into us. Our experience with a wide range of animals shows you that we have what it takes to provide your pet the love the care they need.

Through our years of service to pet owners in the region, we have created long-lasting relationships with our customers. We are known for our attention to detail and loving approach. When you bring your fur-baby into us, you can rest easy knowing that they are professionally cared for each and every time.

Our pet-friendly facilities and expert training make each visit seem like a vacation to your pets. They will look forward to coming in, as we treat them like royalty and make sure that they are fully pampered during their day with us. Call us today to find out what various services we can offer your pooch! 

puppy dog beard trimming

Expert Trimming:

We will expertly trim and brush your pet's fur. Regardless if your furbaby has long to short hair, we take them with extreme care and professionalism.

big white lab getting a bath


Your dog will love their time with us, as we make sure to fully pamper them every time. We'll give your dog the thorough bath and cleaning experience they have always longed for. 

dog getting its nails clipped

Nail Clipping:

We know that your pet may be afraid of having their nails trimmed. During the process, our groomers are careful and accurate.